Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Chapter 80

Hello, everyone! This is the third release of the week.

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Here’s an interesting tidbit that occurred when translating this chapter: Snail wrote the MC activated Undead Rite three times in the chapter, but I only counted the MC using it twice. I looked back and checked again several times, had FBT check as well, and yep, lo’ and behold, Mad Snail screwed up and didn’t write the third time. Thus, I had two choices to make: either retcon it or write in the third time myself; I chose the latter. So I’m curious to see whether you guys will be able to spot the part I wrote or not.

Unfortunately, this sort of occurrence isn’t uncommon with Mad Snail. I’ve spotted similar errors four or fives times in previous chapters, and this one in chapter 80 isn’t the most egregious among them.

If you’re really itching to know which part I wrote in.

Taking advantage of this brief window, Nie Yan activated Undead Rite once again, though the attempt was shortly followed by an announcement of the spell’s failure. Thus, before the dragons recovered from the collision, he rolled past their legs. Managing to stabilize himself with some difficulty, he then fled to the nearest corner.

The original text was only this much:
Raws: “聶言的身體從兩個骷髏角鬥士的腳邊滾了出去,勉強穩定了一下。”
Translations: “He rolled past their legs and managed to stabilize himself with some difficulty.”

PS. This is just one of the things I do while translating. I put a lot of effort fixing many smaller mistakes to make the series read more comfortably for you guys. The other translator I know who puts in just as much effort as me in doing these things is Deathblade. He and I are pretty similar when it comes to our philosophy on translating, and we both want to give the best reading experience. So, I just wanted to shed a little light on the changes, tweaks, and fixes that happen behind the scenes when we translate.

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Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Chapter 79

Hello, everyone! This is the second release of the week. I’m really sorry for the delays. Sschoolwork and some other real life issues got in the way of me translating this week. Anyway, no worries about me not releasing enough chapters this week. I promise I’ll release 3 more chapters (1 regular chapter & 2 chapters from sponsored queue) by the end of Sunday.

Minor correction: I mistranslated Undead Rite’s ability, so I’ve fixed it now. It doesn’t summon undead. It only has a 20% chance of controlling targeted undead.

Also, I’d like to thank you guys for your patience and support as always. As a way to reciprocate that support, I’ll try my best to increase my release speed in the coming weeks, so look forward to it.

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